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Free Gold

Well this time I am the client. What if I were to create my own games?
To create a world of characters of my very own, and to decide for myself
how the battles will go and what super powers the hero will have?

This is how the free golden came to life:
in the form of a little fish who braves the dangers hidden in the unexplored deeps of the sea.

Hearts - The Love App

The client came with the idea of an app that
will help people to express love and gratitude towards their contacts.
After exchanging ideas about the flow of things
I started designing a heart warming prototype
that will encourage people to express their feelings.


The request was to design an app that will keep track of daily expenses.
After a brainstorming with the client we decided the flow of the app
so i I started to build a prototype to better illustrate the ideas
and bring some color in to the budget.

Here’s how the final result looks like:

PPC - Analytics

The idea of the app is to simplify the PPC data
in an easy to use and intuitive UI.

After the usual exchange of ideas I started prototyping the app
and the final result looks like this:

Gravity Chick

The hero of this game is a chick lost in space that has to avoid the solar panels.
After Taking the usual steps in the creative process and brainstorming ideas with the client,
we decided to go with a pixel art vintage style.

Equipped with a tiny helmet the fearful chick is ready to conquer any obstacle.

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